Commercial, 6mins (TRT), 2016

Eight pieces directed and edited by Joshua Fu

Cinematography by Braverijah Gregg


Postmodern Jukebox Q&A Pieces

Scott Bradlee of the viral musical project Postmodern Jukebox commissioned eight short doc-style pieces to introduce new listeners to the band, and answer specific questions about an upcoming international tour.

Postmodern Jukebox takes top 40 pop music and reimagines it in the style of 20s ragtime, 40s big band swing, 50s doo-wop, and various other genres of yesteryear.  They've accumulated well over a million YouTube views, released over a dozen albums, and have played to sold-out crowds around the globe.

These pieces combine talking head interview segments with previous videos and photographs at PMJ concerts.  Public domain archival footage has also been incorporated from the Prelinger Archive, blending seamlessly with Postmodern Jukebox's vintage feel.

For more information about Postmodern Jukebox, check out their website.