Short, 14mins, 2016

Written and directed by Joshua Fu


OFFICIAL SELECTION: Middlebury New Filmmakers 2016, Williamsburg Independent Film Festival 2016, Fort McMurray Int'l Film Festival 2016, Gig Harbor Film Festival 2017

Online Premiere via Indiewire.


Starring Pat Healy, Matt Porter, Olivia Sandoval, Nelson Cheng, Kira Pearson

Produced by Matthew Shields and Lisa Bass

Executive Produced by David Laub

In an attempt to get his life together, Ryan, a slacker in his mid-20s, gets a temp data entry job in a soul-crushing cubicle farm. He volunteers to pull an all-nighter to finish a time-sensitive project for the company. But late at night, alone in the office, Ryan discovers a dying, disheveled man hiding above the ceiling tiles. He's a former employee, the guy Ryan's essentially replacing, and he needs help...

Kafka meets computers in "Man in Ceiling," a bizarre tale of one man at the foot of the corporate ladder meeting another at the end of his rope.

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