Music Video, 3mins, 2017

Starring David Stern, Rebecca Levinson, Fernando Garcia, Martin Lopez-Iu

Directed by Joshua Fu

Director of Photography - Jordan Gzesh

Assistant Camera - Andrew Parrotte

Gaffer - Kevin Castro

Colorist - Shane O'Connor


D.A. Stern - Am I Ever On Your Mind?

When David approached me to direct the music video for "Am I Ever On Your Mind?", we worked out a list of subjects that interested - Seinfeld, baseball, scrabble, and Chinese food quickly rose to the top.  Since I'd been meaning to film something in my family's Chinese restaurant for awhile, I thought this was the perfect opportunity.

I'm super happy with how this video turned out, and am glad we got to work some scrabble in as well.

For more information about D.A. Stern, check out his label TwoSyllable's website.